Tuesday, 6 September 2011


have just come back from a lovely week in scotland.

it took 2 days to get there and back as we had lots of breaks and stayed in a hotel both ways.

i was up the 1st night in agony but was so pleased to be travelling again and i had instigated the holiday so did not want to complain.

we finally got to scotland about 3pm and had a lovely caravan where i crashed out on the settee whilst the others unpacked. normally it would have been me planning and organising everything. got some leaflets from reception to plan our week.

on teh 2nd day we went to a lovely castle an hours drive away we parked in disabled bay and walked the short distance to the castle and there were lots of benches around for me to sit on. in the castle i took it at my own pace and sat and read the liteature whilst the kids moaned i was slow. the castle was really child friendly and had hid little lego pieces for the kids to find and keep them amussed. cuzean castle ayrshire a great find. after the castle we sat outside and planned our next move the cafe with a view of the sea.

after that we got in the car and drove the the play area and i sat by the swan lake whilst the kids had a play. there was a lovely beach i found as well.

we went home and decided to come back the next day as it was so good. the 3rd day we got a boat to the isle of arran and it was a great adventure. they had bar/lounge areas where i laid out on the settee to rest my back instead of having to sit up.

when we got off the bus, there was a bus stop at the ferry port so we got an open top bus the the castle, i struggled upstairs but was not dissappointed as it was like a white nuckle ride going along with the wind in our hair and sweeping closely past all the overhanging trees.

the holiday made we realise that if i accept this condition i can still have the life i use to love and travel and go out more instead of staying in the house all the time laying on the settee thinking tomorrow i will be bettter. any level of pain is worth it to go and enjoy lifes experiences than stay inside afraid to try anything to avoid pain. a mobility scooter would allow me to reserve my energy to enjoy places rather than using it to get from a to b so on the 3rd day i did not go in the castle as i was too tired adn in pain.

i can still enjoy the life i had if i accept what i have with adaptions and then maybe myt family will help to accept this too.

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