Wednesday, 7 September 2011

weight gain

weighed myself on the wii last night as i down at myself and think i look like when i was pregnant with the kids.

i have put on 8lb in 3 months. looked through my record over past year and half and i have put on 11/2 stone, a stone in a year then 1/2 stone in past 3 months.

need to serious watch myself.

i try and exercise but i suffer so much fatigue after short periods of activiity and need to rest for a couple of hours that i spend more time horizonal than i do vertical.

will try and be more active and try and do abit more housework but using the "pacing"method and watch my diet more carefully.

don;t think i eat much but have been conscious of weight and trying to eat less carbs but that just makes you feel hungry so am making an effort to eat cereal in a morning to fill me up and watch what i eat during day.

i am often too tired to prepare meals though, even a bowl of cereal if sseb has gone to work - so will try harder.

yesterday had a couple of cereal bars, toast for lunch then potatoe wedges and homemade burger for dinner and a banana and small handfull of choc m&ms and 2 plain biscuits that is really it.

did 30 mnis on wii 2 x 6 mins on wii step and 20 mins of yoga - will try to do 30mins exercise everyday.

sooo tired after holdaiy though didn;t get up until 10.30am. my whole body feels tired and ehavy.

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