Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I just forgot i had a blog again until looking at fibro site, this is rediculous don;t know i am suppose to keep a diary when i can;'t remember i have one.

well as said i should have gone to my esa tribunal yesterday, but got a call about 10 when i was still in bed saying i had passed and did not have to attend the tribunal yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so we had a nice day took leo swimming, got L & B a macdonalds then spent the afternoon on settee watching terminator/falling asleep as usual.

it is such a relief to feel someone believes me at last, now i only have dla to battle and don;t feel like i have to look over my shoulder all the time. what little energy i have sometimes i can use it to improve my health and give some support to my family.

me and leo stayed at grandma's for 2 nights this weekend so that although i drove up i had a days rest in between. i am still not enjoying driving. everythime i am on the road there was an accident ont he motorway on the way there and on the way back. and my attention is terrible it takes me a bit to get in the zone driving again so things seem to suddently spring up on me like cars passing or a walll suddentlyapppears to my side and startles me.

anyway we played cards and watched lots of junk 70;s telly, leo loved only fools and horses.
got back monday and fell asleep during sommething else. it is still important to have "familly time" with the kids especially the older ones even if it is just sitting on the settee watching telly.

at one time we woul dhave been jumping in the car everyweekend going to national trust properties or black rock, cromford canal etc but now my only outing is occasionaly to a supermarket or cinema or swimming.

the rest of my day after this exertion is then spent on the settee/bed recovering as i am absolutely exhausted aftwards.

my back has finally eased up but if i move in a certain direction i get the twinge so i know where the week spot is.

our new freezer has been useful and we have stocked up on pizzas, garlic bread and potatoe wedges instead of all the lovely home cooked meals we uses to enjoy, or should i say some of us did but would have to have a couple of different ones going on each time. anyway that is too much hassle so we have resorted back to ready meals again. ce la vie!!!!

massage been cancelled today so finding it difficult to get out of bed, may just fall asleep again but after busy few days i will reserve my energy ready for another cheap cinema trip.

anyway a weight has been lifted off my mind, hope others can feel this relief soon.

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