Thursday, 4 August 2011

yeah remember i had a blog today - day 2.

so pleased i remembered without seeing my mention on website, so at leaast my brain is relatively clear today.

yesterday went swimming for first time in about a week. was careful and used my float this time to support my back and did not stay in so low - yes learning to pace mysefl as well. it was really nice and cool as weather hot. oopw just realised that wasn't yesterday never mind must have been day before.

yesterday was thinkging about taking leo whilst no2 daughter woke up up decided to have a nice relaxing morning. she finally got up at 2pm so we stopped at macd on way for lunch then headed to derby for the cinema. got a couple of BIGGER size tops from new look, ok i accept i have put on weight and need to go up 2 dress sizes at last and need to stop looking like a bag lady in tracky bottoms and fleeces.

went to cinema and watched captain america it was really good was so stiff after sitting in cinema for 2 hours, the chairs are nice though as they recline so less tiring as i don;t have to sit upright and support my back.
got back at 8ish and took my meds was shattered but nice day,

today i am going to go swimming with leo when i can get myself out of bed. i have at least got myself some cereal and oj which i have not done in months so have made sure i eat something decent for a change as well. i really need to start taking care of myself as i have no appetite and eat quick fix chocolate bars most of the time. making an effort to eat yoghurts and fruit instead of grabbing the chocs, crackers and philadelphia. promised to go at 11am so have another hour to get myself psyched up.

yeah i passed my tribunal, thinks its the good news that has perked me up.

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