Sunday, 26 June 2011

Introduction -- sunday 26th june 2011

hi, welcome to my new blog,

I am 39 years old, living with my partner for last 20 years and have 3 children and a house full of pet.

and i have FIBROMYALGIA.

this is my journey of how i cope, how i feel, what i go through and the pain and challenges i face day to day.

its sunday afternoon and we are chilling in the living room watching the .......... grand prix (sorry forgot the word - fibro fog) and i am laying on the settee not because i am relaxing but because i have back pain. and i am writing this blog with a splint on my hands because i suffer from wrist pain.

it sunday so for the past few weeks we have been taking our 8 year old swimming but today i have acute back pain everytime i move - like a trapped nerve/sciatica - so i am avoiding moving as much as possible.

i took my teenage daughter out to our local town for an hour to visit superdrug but that was my limit today. i have beeen trying to make an effort as it is hard on the kids seeing me incapacitated like this as i was the one that kept everyone together and organised the family. now i struggle to do anything, housework, dress nicely etc.

all my clothes are too small for me as i have put weight on in the past year and been diagnosed with fibromyalgia so i go for comfort such as tracksuit bottoms, tshires and fleeces/bodywarmers - and thats just in the house -0 i don;t go out much anymore either.

need a break know so will come back soon -

please ignore my typos as it is difficlt to type and i get shooting pains in my hands and down my little fingers when reaching for some of the keys.

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  1. great blog, i am with you on everyone of those points, but have never been able to put it into wordds very well for esa/dla.

    but i am sure that is another story for you too.

    take care - don;t forget to add teh poor sleep pattersn.
    by the way i even have the 3 kids/pets just the wrong sex.....